Verification ABC

Alphabet Blockchain  (ABC) Verification

To maintain the security and authenticity of documents published in the ITSDI Journal, starting from the issue of Volume 2 Number 2 April 2021, ITSDI Journal implements Blockchain as document verification.

Authors can verify the documents obtained through Alphabet Blockchain (ABC) Verification by following the tutorial below:

1. To verify a document, the first thing to do is to prepare the data you want to verify (ITSDI Journal Volume 2 Number 2 issue or below).
2. The "Blockchain Verification" feature verifies data, which can be accessed at and select the "Blockchain Verification" menu.

3. You will be directed to Click "Browse" then select the document you want to verify its validity.

3. After selecting the document to be verified, the display looks like the following. Then select "Verify Document."

4. The document has been authenticated, and the history of the paper will be displayed as follows.


You also can follow the video of Alphabet Blockchain Verification tutorial below: