Performance comparison of asymmetric cryptography (case study-mail message)

  • Zarni Sann University of Computer Studies (Mandalay)
  • Thi thi Soe University of Computer Studies (Mandalay)
  • Kaythi Wyut Mhone Knin University of Computer Studies (Mandalay)
  • Zin May Win University of Computer Studies (Mandalay)
Keywords: ElGamal algorithm, RSA algorithm, Secured mail communication


Data encryption is well known as essential for today’s technology. ElGamal encryption and RSA algorithm
is made before storing mails to mail server. ElGamal decryption and RSA decryption is made after retrieving mails
from mail server. This system is implemented to secure mail server system for local government’s important mail
messages. These algorithms consume a considerable amount of time and resources of memory, CPU time, and
computation time to encrypt and decrypt data. This paper discuss the results comparison of these algorithms in term
of encryption time, decryption time, and memory usage over variable file sizes. The results show that RSA does faster
encryption process in compare with ElGamal. However, ElGamal decryption process is quicker than RSA. This system
is also expressed comparison of storage Size between RSA and ElGamal. Both of these algorithms are cryptographic
public-key algorithms but have roles in different techniques. This system is using C# programming language and SQL
Server to store mail messages.


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