Fuzzy-Ant Colony based Routing on Road Networks


  • S. Saravanan Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology,
  • A. Jayanthiladevi Jain University
  • M. Geetha Sona College of Technology




Hierarchical community, traffic routing, dynamic parameters, fuzzy logic, Ant- colony algorithm


Route selection is essential in everyday life. We have several algorithms for detecting efficient route on Large Road Networks. This paper introduces the hierarchical community, is presented. It splits large road networks into hierarchical structure. It introduces a multi parameter route selection system which employs Fuzzy Logic (FL) and ant’s behavior in nature is applied to the dynamic routing. The important rates of parameters such as path length and traffic are adjustable by the user. The purposes of the new hierarchical routing algorithm significantly reduce the search space. We develop a community-based hierarchical graph model that supports Dynamic, efficient route computation on large road networks.


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