Performance Analysis of Reed-Solomon Codes Concatenated with Convolutional Codes over AWGN Channel


  • Kattaswamy Mergu Wolaita Sodo University



Communication System, Convolutional codes, Reed-Solomon codes, Concatenation, signal-to-noise ratio, signal-to-noise ratio and bit error rate


With rapid growth in today’s technology, digital communication is playing a major role to provide hostile environment to meet various applications. In this communication, Coding plays a prominent role to contribute error free transmission through channel coding which improves capacity of a channel by adding some redundant bit to the original information. One way to provide a better performance of the communication system is by concatenating different types of channel coding techniques. The concatenation can be done either in parallel or serial. The primary aim of this paper is to concatenate the Reed-Solomon codes with Convolutional codes in series, which provides better results comparing with single coding techniques. The performance of the concatenation of Reed-Solomon codes with Convolutional codes can be evaluated by finding bit error rate with various values of signal-to-noise ratio over AWGN channel. The analytical result has been obtained by using MATLAB/OCTAVE.


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