Design of a Low Noise Amplifier Based on E-PHEMT Transistors for 4G Applications


  • Houda Laaouane Moulay Ismail University
  • Seddik Bri Moulay Ismail University
  • Jaouad Fosh Moulay Ismail University



LNA, Gain, Noise figure, Matching network, ADS


 In this paper, we have modeled a low noise amplifier LNA for 4G applications and study the key properties of EPHEMT LNAs in terms of high gain, low noise figure, good input and output matching and unconditional stability at the lowest possible current draw from the amplifier in the front-end design. A well-designed LNA is simulated using Advanced Design System.The design uses microstrip lines in the matching networks, inductors and capacities for DC Biasing. The simulation results of a two-stage low noise amplifier show at 2.6 GHz a gain of 44.701 dB, noise figure of 0.576 dB ,while the reflection loss S12 is -65.02 dB .The input return loss S11 is -34.125 dB and the output return loss S22 is -9.996 dB with biasing voltage at 5 V.


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