Transmission of Data in Secure Manner With DNA Sequence

  • Ravinder Paspula JNTU-Hyderabad
  • K. Chiranjeevi JNTU-Hyderabad
  • S. Laxman Kumar JNTU-Hyderabad
Keywords: Encryption, Decryption, DNA Sequence, cipher text, DNA cryptography, cipher block chining mode


A new-promising technology called DNA-Cryptography is emerged in the area of DNA- Computing field.DNA useful for store, sending the data and also to perform computation. Even it is under primal level, DNA-Based molecular Cryptography system is shows extremely efficient. This technique offers a unique cipher-text generation process and a new key generation practice. This method used to implement a procedure which includes two stages. First stage generates a session key and encryption key and it uses cipher block chaining mode-CBC, the secrete number(s) and incorporate plain-text M into level-1 cipher-text. The last stage converts the level-1 cipher-text into level-2 cipher-text (s). The level-2 cipher-text is again transformed into human made DNA-sequence (S’) and is given to the receiver along with many other DNA-sequence. By this process it will become a more complicated for un-authorized user to gain original information. The receiver will apply the process to identify the human made DNA sequence with M hidden in it and extract the original message M.


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