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Aptikom Publishing is a scientific journal publication service platform that aims to increase the innovation of experts and researchers as well as provide a menu publication support system in creating well-known scientific works such as plagiarism checker, proofreading, translation, statistical analysis, formatting & editing of works of art.

Aptikom Journal is a scientific journal published by the Association of Indonesian Computer and Informatics Colleges (APTIKOM). This journal focuses on the publication of scientific articles in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) covering topics such as artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, computer networks, and so on. Aptikom Journal is published regularly and reviewed by experts and practitioners in the ICT field, so that the quality and accuracy of the articles published in it are guaranteed.

Aptikom Journal is one of the leading scientific publications in Indonesia in the field of ICT and is recognized internationally.


The vision of the Publishing and Journal Sector

They are building publishing management and scientific cooperation to support APTIKOM’s vision in responding to the challenges of the era of disruption.

Publishing and Journal Mission

Based on the above vision, 6 (six) missions of the Publishing and Journal Sector are formulated, namely:

  1. Realization of MoU-based cooperation with the Company in organizing the publication of books, magazines and scientific journals as well as MoUs with domestic and foreign universities.
  2. Organizing the Journal Membership program
  3. Has national and international scientific publications
  4. Carry out National and International Conferences for scientific publications.
  5. Inviting Visiting Professors to International Conferences
  6. Organizing a scientific journal quality improvement clinic.


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