Semnastik-APTIKOM 2023 is a national seminar regularly held to share knowledge and results in computer science and information science research. The seminar also provides a platform for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to meet the latest developments in the field. The upcoming SEMNASTIK – APTIKOM performance will be held by APTIKOM on December 8, 2023, in a hybrid manner, with the theme "Strengthening Education and Research in the Field of Artificial Intelligence to Increase the Nation's Competitiveness."

This National Seminar is intended as a form of dissemination or dissemination of research results to share experiences and innovative ideas in Computer Science and Information Science. This seminar is a scientific forum to facilitate efforts to build an academic and research culture in disseminating research results and to provide opportunities for researchers from various circles, industries, and governments to pioneer mutually beneficial collaborations.

This year's seminar will be held in a HYBRID manner, and prospective authors are invited to submit original research papers that other conferences or journals have not published. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed, and all accepted papers presented at SEMNASTIK – APTIKOM 2023 will be published in the proceedings. Several selected papers that meet good writing quality will be recommended in nationally reputable journals.

A series of interesting events and mentoring for novice writers will also be held to welcome Semnastik-APTIKOM 2023. See you at VIRTUAL!

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Publication Year: 2023




User Experience Analysis on Bakamla Messenger Applications Using User Experiences Questionnaire (UEQ)

Hozairi, Buhari, Rofiudin, Syariful Alim

PDF   :


The Semosemo: Vehicle Rental Application in Manado City

Green Ferry Mandias, Christiady Somba Sirappa, Pierre Jericho Effendy, Timothy Matthew Jeremi Dirk

PDF  :


Agile Method in Developing Electronic Local Government Food Reserve Distribution Services (E-CPPD) in Sukabumi City

Asril Adi Sunarto, Euis Kania Kurniawati

PDF  :


A Survey of Blockchain in Governance: Framework Selection and Future Implementation in Indonesian Government

Eltyasar Putrajati Noman, Djoko Budiyanto Setyohadi

PDF  :


Comparative SVM and Decision Tree Algorithm in Identifying the Eligibility of KIP Scholarship Awardee

Asriyanik, Agung Pambudi

PDF  :


Classification of Coffee Leaf Diseases using the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) EfficientNet Model

Muhammad Imron Rosadi, Lukman Hakim, M. Faishol A.

PDF  :


Application of Agile Development Methods in the Development of Integrated Systems for Vehicle Body Repair

Didik Indrayana, Prajoko, Asril Adi Sunarto

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Sentiment Analysis of Bjorka Hacker Using the Naive Bayes and C.45 Algorithms

Wowon Priatna, Eka Nur A’ini, Joni Warta, Agus Hidayat, Tyastuti Sri Lestari, Rasim

PDF  :


Breast Cancer Screening Application Based on Android with the Certainty Factor Method

Suprapto, Kenty Wantri Anita

PDF  :


Redesigning the User Interface in the Mobile-Based Ngaji.AI Application Using the Design Thinking Method

Aminudin, Aldiensyah, Gita Indah Marthasari, Ilyas Nuryasin, Saiful Amien, Galih Wasis Wicaksono, Didih Rizki Chandranegara, I'anatut Thoifah

PDF  :


Risk Management for New Student Admission Information Systems at Higher Education using the Octave Allegro Approach

Titus Kristanto, Riza Akhsani Setyo Prayoga, Muhammad Nasrullah, Mustafa Kamal, Wahyuddin S
106 – 114

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Predictions using Support Vector Machine with Particle Swarm Optimization in Candidates Recipient of Program Keluarga Harapan

Arie Satia Dharma, Evi Rosalina Silaban, Hana Maria Siahaan

PDF  :


Forward Chaining Algorithm on Informatics Graduate Job Recommendation System Based on MBTI Test

Jhonatan Laurensius Tjahjadi, Yulia Wahyuningsi, Padmavati Darma Putri Tanuwijaya, Ryan Putranda Kristianto

PDF  :


Detecting and Tracking Player in Football Videos Using Two-Stage Mask R-CNN Approach

Amir Mahmud Husein, Chalvin, Kalvintirta Ciptady Ciptady, Raymond Suryadi, Mawaddah Harahap

PDF  :


Customer Segmentation: Transformation from Data to Marketing Strategy

Luciana Abednego, Cecilia Esti Nugraheni, Adelia Salsabina

PDF  :


Analysis of Information Security Culture at FMIPA Halu Oleo University Using Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modeling Method

Elsa Julfiana, Natalis Ransi, Gusti Arviana Rahman

PDF  :


Comparative Analysis of the Performance of the Decision Tree and K-Nearest Neighbors Methods in Classifying Coffee Leaf Diseases

Suryadi, Murhaban Murhaban, Rivansyah Suhendra

PDF  :


Implementation of the Naive Bayes Algorithm to Predict the Safety of Heart Failure Patients

Okky Putra Barus, Kevil Lauwren, Jefri Junifer Pangaribuan, Romindo

PDF  :


Integration of Transformer Model Text Summarization and Text-to-Speech in Helping Document Understanding in the Bukudio Application

Ivana Lucia Kharisma, Kamdan Kamdan, Anggun Fergina, Tofik Hidayat, Moh. Abd. Aziz Hidayat, Muhamad Muslih, Adhitia Erfina

PDF  :


Application System for Setting Values on High Voltage Power Supply Using MCP4725 Module Based on ATmega328P Microcontroller

Mohammad Amin, Wahyu Widji Pamungkas, Djoko Harsono

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